The newest, the best and the most natural way to create beautiful and lasting ombre brows.


We have developed a way to create ombre brows that are super-refined and last for 1-1.5 years. What makes LuxeOmbre brows different from so many others:

- Better lasting: LuxeOmbre brows stay beautiful for 1-1,5 years.
- Refined: The texture pattern of LuxeOmbre brows is more detailed than ordinary powder.
- Natural: The shaping of LuxeOmbre bows is done in a new way that respects individual facial features more than ordinary mapping.

Just some stunning examples!

The best solution on top of old microblading or to weak brows!

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of old microbladed brows.

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of ordinary brows.

A transformation from ordinary brows to excellence with LuxeOmbre pigmentation.

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of weak and thin brows.

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of old microblading/pigmentation. The shape is changed and the end-result looks natural.

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of quite weak and thin brows.

Creating excellent LuxeOmbre brows on top of ordinary weak brows changes the facial features to a great extent.

Quite old and not very good pigmentation fixed with LuxeOmbre.

LuxeOmbre brows created on top of old pigmentation on weak brows.

One of the reasons the LuxeOmbre brow creation technique is so popular is related to its universal nature. It is often the best solution for very weak brows and also when correcting old microblading or pigmentation. Also, it solves the problem of retention - if the client has oily skin and ordinary microblading procedures do not produce a lasting effect, LuxeOmbre helps.

Training by a professional with experience from 10k+ pairs of brows and thousands of students!

One full-day trainings of LuxeOmbre are carried out all over the world. Those are held in small groups by our professional trainers. The schedule of the classes:

1. Introduction - the principles of LuxeOmbre.
2. Mapping the brows: brow points and symmetrical outline creation. Differences between traditional brow shape and LuxeOmbre brow shape.
3. Filling techniques - the superfine ombre pattern creation.
4. Colour theory - choosing the best natural colour for the procedure and retouching.
5. Before and after photos - taking excellent photos.
5. First model. Procedure on the model under the supervision of the trainer.
6. Second model. Procedure on the model under the supervision of the trainer.
7. Sales and marketing of LuxeOmbre brows.

The training price also includes the starter kit. The exact contents of the starter kit may vary in different countries.

Typical sample starter kit of the LuxeOmbre training.

The trainer - Siiri Tabri.

Siiri Tabri is a very experienced brow trainer that has more than 3000 students and has made 10 000+ pairs of brows. More information about her here.

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