The biggest problem in the world of microblading in 2018 is simple: there are enough good artists that produce brows with comparable quality. Far majority of clients are satisfied and happy regardless who is the concrete artist that makes the brows.

The mother of all questions in 2018 is: WHO GETS THE ATTENTION AND THEREFORE THE CLIENTS?

More than 10 000 visitors come to SharpBrows local sites every day. SharpBrows has 300 000+ followers on social media. That is just the start.

IF you qualify for loyal artist:


  • Should add #sharpbrows to your pictures.
  • Add SharpBrows new logo to your account profiles or pictures.
  • Maintain positive and supportive attitude towards the brand and other SharpBrows artists.


  • Free Brow Analytics new verisons.
  • Faster support and help to advance on the map.
  • Concrete promotion on new main page to your services / offers.
  • Promotion on SharpBrows Finnish Social media accounts (300 000 + followers). 

Yes, I want to apply for loyal artist status!

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If you get to map you will get a lot more promotion if you promote SharpBrows only (obviously, quid pro quo :) ).