Now it is also possible to order SharpBrows training straight into your salon. As a result of intensive 2-day training your artists will learn to do microblading and after being accredited by our trainers your salon is ready to provide microblading services.

Microblading is a brow grooming and -cade field that is not going to disappear. On the contrary, the growth of microblading has been staggering. In addition to that it is so far the only treatment the profit margin of which exceeds 5000 percent.


Popularitiy of microblading 2015-2016

Here you can see the growth of popularity of microblading in 2016 compared to 2015. 


Microblading vs permanent tattooing

Factual data about how the interest in microblading has grown throughout the years compared to the interest in permanent tattooing.

Trainer Siiri Tabri has held tens of classes in Scandinavia and she knows the markets in different Scandinavian countries very well. In addition to that she has trained students in most parts of the world (all-in-all in more than 15 countries!) and thus she can well relate to problems women have with their eyebrows and how to fix those with microblading. 

Blue Lagoon

Pieni Kauneushoitola

Rebel Helsinki

Participants in the in-house trainings in salons will also receive starter-kits that contain all the needed materials to perform microblading procedure on 50 clients. Want to see the program of the training - it's the same as the private training- click here.



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1-6 participants = one class, 7-12 participants = 2 classes, 13-20 participants = 3 classes.