JAPANESE PRECISION AND SHARPNESS. Japan is the birth-place of microblading, a brow-artform that has changed everything when it comes to semi-permanent brow design. We have developed microblading techniques so that we can achieve the most precise and highly defined brow shape that stays for up to one year. That is the Sharp Brows part of the process.

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN HIP. The hottest trend in the semi-permanent brow world is brow shading and that is exactly what the shading part consists of. We've taken everything that is up to a minute and hot from the semi-permanent brow shading styles and included that into our concept. That is the Brow shading part.

Beautiful combination of sharpness and shading

How much does the SharpBrows + Browshading procedure cost?

It largery depends on the service provider. A certifed SharpBrows + Browshading professionals usually ask around $250 - $350 for the combined procedure. That usually also consists at least one retouch procedure that is basically a lighter repetition of the initial SharpBrows + Browshading procedure.

Why should I want Browshading on top of my beautiful SharpBrows eyebrows?

It's a matter of taste, as they as say. And also it is largerly connected to how much you want to be involved in taking care of your brows during the following year after the procedure. No, the combined procedure is not just for the lazy-ones, it's for thoise people who actually do not want to reshape the brows with makeup that often and do not actually want to put on any brow makeup at all.

Can I have Browshading done separately if I already have semi-permanent eyebrows?

Well, the principal answer is yes. However, it depends on the artist. As a rule certified SharpBrows + Browshading professionals still charge the price of the whole procedure for creating shading to brows the microblading of which has been performed by another artist. Thus we always suggest to establish a relationship with a certified SharpBrows + Browshading professional form the very beginning on and have the initial procedure performed by the same artist that will perform all the retouches in the future.

How long will the result actually stay on?

Well, that is a questions that has made many professionals in the microblading circles rise an eyebrow (no pun intended). Although many artists advertising their services and also many companies advertising their classes claim that a result of microblading will stay on flawless for a year if a client has experienced just one microblading procedure and one retouch, we do not suggest you to take it with a grain of salt. To make the result of the SharpBrows microblading look flawless throughout one year we believe you really need to come in for at least 2 more retouching procedures during the year (usually during the first months after the initial procedure). The result of the Browshading wears off in a somewhat different way, however the retouching procedures are usually carried out for both simultaneously.

Can I learn the SharpBrows microblading procedure and the Browshading technique with you?

Yes, of course you can. Altought that was not the sole reason the company was established we started providing SharpBrows + Browshading classes right from the inception on. However, you have to be remained that the 2 day or 3 day course will not guarantee you a career as a SharpBrows microblading professional. What it does is the following: it gives you a distinct possibility to become very familiar with which skills need to be acquired and a clear perspective to master those. So far a very large percentage (more than half) of our students have remained true to a career as a microblading brow professional.

Why should I think that SharpBrows + Browshading is better than other microblading procedures?

We do not claim that our approach is ultimately the best because anything related to the quality of the microblading procedure (as well as browshading) depends on a large number of criteria, i.e. the experience of the artist, the tools used, the time spent analysing what would actually be the correct brow shape for the client. However, what we can assure you is the following. SharpBrows + Browshading is the most modern and well thought through approach to creating microbladed brows as well as performing brow shading. We are constantly testing all sorts of new approaches analyze the pros and cons of those. We are absolutely independent when it comes to those thus we areconvinced that the tools and techniques we use have a distinct competitive advantage.

Where has the SharpBrows + Browshading system been created?

SharpBrows + Browshading system has been created by small group of brow experts from Switzerland, Finland and the Baltics. And yes we do have a strong Japanese link (a member of our team is even able to speak Japanese). However, on a more serious note - we have been into microblading since the very start of it and that has allowed us to develop the techniques remarkably.