What sets the excellent artists apart from those that are just very good? The answer is simple: they strive for perfection constantly and refine their skills. Perfection training is a shorter form of individual training that is absolutely practical. SharpBrows master works with the student on models and helps the student to understand how perfect brows are made. Usually, larger part of the training also consists of SharpBrows master watching how student makes the brows line by line and interfering whenever needed to correct the technique so that the results would be even better. 

The need for Perfection training has risen

Why have all sorts of perfection trainigns become more and more popular? The answer is very simple. Namely, basic training is often not enough. No matter how well the basic training is carried out, in the end a new well motivated artist just does not yet know what she does not know. This means that once you start doing actual microblading on clients, some new obstacles can appear. Conquering those is a lot easier and faster if there is someone by your side that just tells you what to do exactly. Does this mean that 6-12 month period that most courses have as a after-class support would not be enough? No, it does not. After-class support is essential, however the very meaning of such support is to help the student to get started, to actually do microblading on clients. The essence of Perfection training is to perfect the skills once there already are skills that can be perfected. 

It is a public 'sectet' that when it comes to microblading only a small handful of total students become truly successful and that presetns often a problem. Why? Because there is no middle-ground. One just can not be 'modestly successful' when it comes to microblading. The reality is cruel - there is no standing still in nature - things either progress upwards or downwards. All artists are either on a vector going up or on a one going down. Whils being on an upward going vector the students' progress can be fueled with Perfection training. Whilst being on a downward heading vector, this training can turn things around.

Annika Kakko / KakkoBrows: "Siiri is a very talented and caring trainer and one just could not wish for a better one! Training itself is also 100% practical and truly ticks all the boxes."

Eveliina Uosukainen / RoosaBrows: "Siiri has a very calm style of explaining things. Training itself is extremely practical and really versatile."

Katriina Nora / KataBrows: "Siiri is a magnificent trainer. I have learned so much with such trainings and become better and better. Perfection trainings have helped me a lot and now I can proudly say: I make microblading the right way."

Hanna Rissanen / SharpBrowsHanna: “I’m really satisfied with SharpBrows trainings - it’s intense and professional. You get a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time, however it’s so giving that I’d want to take it 10 days in a row!”


What problem does the Perfection training solve?

The problem the Perfection training solves is simple: it helps the artist to tne next level faster, saving hundreds of hours spent on trial and error experiments. In a nutshell: It saves time. The artist could try to refine her technique by herself / himself and test what exactly are the best ways to create sharp and concrete lines that last for a long time. Usually, it just means that one has to wait for each retouch (4-6 weeks) and then try something else, a different technical approach etc. Internet is filled with descriptions about doing flawless microblading and quite often those contradict each other and one more thing: pretty often the best artists just do not want to share their trade secrets because they are afraid of competition. 

That all can lead an artis to a pretty frustrated state - all sorts of feelings start to creep in and an artist just feels that she is doing something wrong. Often that leads to questioning herself and is often the cause for giving up microblading - the person can not simply fall in love with her own work if it is clearly not perfect. As said before, of course there is a possibility to glimb out of that hole by herself - and some very famous artists have done it - however, it is hundreds of times harder and more time-consuming than taking the Perfection training, specially when it comes to line-retention, complicated brow-patterns or taking magnificent photos of clients.

Factual proof

Do not just take our word for it - please see some of the brows that artits, who have attended Perfection training, have made. 


Trainer in Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian countries and the Baltics SharpBrows master giving individual trainings is Siiri Tabri. Here are just some samples of her work.


Perfection trainings are carried out in English, Finnish or Estonian. 

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