Artist Program - 5000+ students!

Artist 3.0 program is the most advanced and effective way to learn Light microblading, that is the newest and best microblading technique. More than 5000+ students can't be wrong!

What shall you get?

The training contains professional workbooks and videos, where trainers explain you in detail the following:

  1. How to map the points of the brow.

  2. How to create correct symmetric outlines.

  3. How to divide the brow into sections.

  4. How to choose the correct backbone.

  5. How to fill in the brow sections: beginning lines, transition, lower lines, upper lines.

  6. How to prepare the tools.

  7. How to create the first phase - light technique.

  8. How to retouch the lines so that the pigment gets in.

  9. How to retouch the brows at the second session.

  10. How to market the microblading service and find customers.

Actual screenshots

Workbooks are designed professionally by experienced trainers. Videos are 4k quality so you can see the techniques in high definition.

The trainer

You shall get direct contact with an experienced microblading trainer - Siiri Tabri. She has created more than 10 000 pairs of microbladed brows and knows the art of micrblading in detail.


When you pass an assessment with the trainer, you shall get a professional certificate (also complimentary printed and laminated certificated will be sent to you in physical form).

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Light microblading - Certainly the largest change in the world of microblading.
Compared to conventional approach Light microblading means that much less pressure is applied when cuts are made to insert the pigment into skin. Due to that a larger amount of phases is needed - however, the duration of the process is cut shorter applying pigment and anaesthetics at the same time. Brows made with Light microblading have  the following concrete advantages:

- Lines are sharper, thinner and more precise.
- The retention of the pigments is much better. 
- The end result is absolutely natural (even from a very close distance).

When it comes to Light microblading very sharp u-blades are used to insert pigment into skin over the course of much higher number of phases than with conventional method. As a result of that the risk that the blade would penetrate too deep is eliminated. In addition to that the amount of pain and unpleasant feeling for the client is much smaller, as well as there is practically no blood. Anaesthetics is used only for clearing the upper layers of the skin from blood (as it also presses blood deeper into skin) and dramatically less for its' pain reducing effect. 

With ordinary microblading very often cuts are made too deep. This results in thicker lines, pigment loss and uneven results.It is harder to control the depth of the blade and most of all most often also the number on needles is smaller. That all results in reduced durability of the end-result. There is a pigment loss in all stages of making strokes as well as the width of the stroke gets larger.

Light-microblading uses totally different light-scratching technique that results in considerably lighter strokes and wounds that are deepened over more cycles. Compared to ordinary microblading the amount of pigment that stays inside the cut is much larger. Also special super-sharp blades with larger number of needles (that all deliver the pigment) contribute to that.


Precision strokes - An approach to making strokes and patterns that results in brows which are so natural that the existence of microblading can not be detected.
This has always been the end goal of microblading, however with conventional methods it was practically impossible to achieve this. With the conventional method quite often long and too deep lines were made. Although the pattern might have been flawlessly carried out, looking at the end result it  was still clear that client had undergone a microblading procedure. With Precision strokes technique instead of one longer line several smaller are made that in most cases flow to the same direction. This means that the same area is covered with twice as many lines and brows look considerably more natural.  

The problem with traditional strokes is their thickness and quite often also artist's inability to make those round. Very often also lines can be made durable by cutting the needles too deep into skin. Even if an artist makes flawless perfect traditional strokes the result can still be detected and can be detected.

Precision stroking technique has enabled to achieve perfectly natural results so that microblading result could not be detected from natural hair. Even if the pattern is made considerably thicker, lines are thinner with more pigment in the skin, those are more durable and won't spread.


Light microbladingin and Precision Strokes ⓒ technique enables to achieve so natural results that one has to explore actual before and after pictures to believe all that. Here are just some samples. If you make Light microblading correctly then it is absolutely impossible to distinguish natural hair from microblading strokes. 



Unbelievable retention - al lines are seen!

With Light microblading retention is even better.



Light microblading solves the problem of brow shape and thickness in the most elegant way ever. All parts where the brow is weak are filled in such a manner that the end result is flawlessly natural. 

How weak brows are magically transformed with Light microblading technique.

How weak brows are magically transformed with Light microblading technique. Vol 2.

Light microblading - A sample how a very bad pigmentation is corrected with light microblading.

Another incredible change with Light microblading - the best microblading technology ever created!

SharpBrows Light microblading. The correct way of making microblading can change a lot.

SharpBrows Light microblading. The correct way of making microblading changes everything.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Legendary halfers series: total change with fixed eyebrows.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Extreme makeover.Everything was changed with the right kind of microblading technique.

Sample of SuperOmbre.

Sample of SuperOmbre.

Light microblading - Just a simple change with this fabulous technique.

Light microblading - How natural microblading can get - the ultimate is of course the Light microblading.

Light microblading - Incredible new brows instead of weak set the client head before.

Light microblading - This is just unbelievable what level of brows the students of Siiri Tabri are able to make at the trainings!

Light microblading - Simply the most natural way of transforming brows.

Light microblading - Modified and boosted - with Light miocroblading the results are great every time.

Light microblading - bold change with Light microblading technique.

SuperOmbre - Fantastic change very easily with SuperOmbre.

Light microblading. Simply another incredible change. Thank you Light microblading.

Light microblading. Sometimes the original brow is quite out of shape. With Light microblading we can get it back in shape again.

Light microblading - With Light microblading you are able to achieve the most natural look.

Light microblading. Just another change with Light microblading.

Light microblading. The initial situation was a little bit modest. The end-result in Light microblading technique is just amazing.

Light microblading. Just another pair of beautiful Light microblading brows. What a change.

Light microblading. Reshaped and made stronger with Light microblading. Extremely natural results.

Light microblading. What an incredible change! Re-shaped and re-formed with Light microblading.

Light microblading. The change in this facial expression was just literally unbelievable.

Light microblading. Again, very strange pigmentation turned into natural brow with Light microblading.

Light microblading. A beautiful lady became stunning after her brow were fixed with Light microblading.

Light microblading. This beautiful lady became even more beautiful with new brows.

Light microblading. Sometimes people say that it is possible to achieve miracles with Light microblading and they are correct.

Light microblading. Incredible change. Very weak thin brow became healthy and strong.

Light microblading. Very beautiful girl became even more beautiful when brows got fixed with Light microbalding.

Light microblading. Total reshape and filling. Thin and unfair shape turned into flawless natural brow.

Light microblading. It was pretty obvious that part of the brow was missing. Luckily, the situation could be handled well with Light microblading technique.

Light microblading. Incredible change. The client became even more beautiful and younger when the shape, size and contents of the brow was corrected.

Light microblading. It is just incredible how perfect brows change the facial expression.

Light microblading. Ideal for fixing old pigmentation.

Light microblading. Another amazing change thanks to Light microblading. It’s incredible.

Light microblading. An excellent transformation to a pretty weak brow with Light microblading.

Light microblading. Another pair of beautiful brows from a very weak starting situation with the help of Light microblading.

Light microblading. Some parts of the brow were missing - luckily the situation was handled well with Light microblading.

Light microblading. What a nice transformation with Light microblading. Almost unbelievable.

Light microblading. This really weak brow was turned into excellent with Light microblading. The end result looked so natural that other people were convinced it was her natural brow.

Light microblading. Old pigmentation got fixed with Light microblading.

Light microblading. Again, beautiful brows from a small tiny line of hair, that was also a little bit misplaced.

Light microblading. A good sample of how brows can be created from nothing.

Light microblading. Another one done with Light microblading. Thin and weak brow turned into natural and strong.

Light microblading. Another pair of brows saved with Light microblading. This is totally unreal what Light microblading can do for you.

Light microblading. Is there anything, anything at all in common when it comes to those before and after brows.

Light microblading. Very often the starting situation is really challenging. With Light microblading even quite strong pigmentation can be made to look natural.

Light microblading. Sometimes a part of the brow is missing. Light microblading is the best solutions in such situations.

Light microblading. Beautiful women become even more beautiful with Light microblading.

Light microblading. Sometimes the initial brow has a hole inside it. With Light microblading it can be fixed flawlessly.

Light microblading. This is just insane how much Light microblading can change your life.

Light microblading. The client was so excited that she almost cried tears of happiness.

Light microblading. This is just unbelievable! Old pigmentation fixed so that even the close friends of the client did not believe it.

Light microblading. Another superb change with the Light microblading technique.

Light microblading. Pretty outdated and quite bad pigmentation saved flawlessly with Light microblading. The result is lush natural brow.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Weak brows turned into natural and fabuolous again with Light microblading.

Light microblading. What a transformation with Light microblading! This is just unbelievable.

Light microblading. This is just insane how much correct brows can change. Very often original brow is just too tiny and short. Light microblading allows to make huge changes with new natural brows that follow facial features.

Light microblading - A correct brow shape + detailed pattern made with Light microblading is all you need to make this incredible change.

Light microblading. A sample from the master Siiri Tabri herself. Incredible transformation.

Light microblading. Here's just one change when a pretty girl became even prettier as a result of Light microblading.

Light microblading. There are more and more clients coming with some sort of previous pigmentation or microblading. Light microblading is the best way to correct it because you can choose the color shade of the new brow so that it still looks natural.

Light microblading. Old pigmentation is often a depressing problem for the client. Light microblading + shading made correctly is the best cure for that sort of cases.

Light microblading – UNBELIEVABLE :) This client was in a shock herself when she saw the result. From a situation of total no-brow, using Light microblading, we were able to create brows that look exactly like her own.

Light microblading - Initially there was practically no brow at all - It was very Scandinavian: weak and thin. The end result is lush and pretty.

Light microblading. Just on result of fixing old microblading with Light microblading and shading.

Light microblading - Pretty typical situation where an old pigmentation or tattoo has been turned into a beautiful Light microblading brow.

Light microblading + Light Shading. A strangely formed brow turned into a beautiful lush Light microblading + Light Shading brow.

Light microblading. Quite strange pigmentation fixed with Light microblading. The results were much better than we dared to hope for - her overall facial expression changed totally.

Light microblading. The client changed totally as a result of the procedure: facial expression, overall look, everything.

Light microblading - Here's just a sample of how a really thin and weak brow is turned into natural and lush.

Light microblading brows. The client wanted quite a bold change. As lusher and larger brows also fitted her facial features we used Light microblading to achieve that.

Light microblading - Quite a change when it comes to the brow shape. Also what was before a pretty weak brow is now turned into a lush and beautiful one using Light microblading and some Light shading.

Light microblading - A pretty interesting pigmentation fixed with Light microblading + Light shading. When we removed the makeup the situation was pretty strange. Luckily we managed to save the brow with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading - A poor brow is turned into lush and beautiful with light microblading.

Light microblading - An enormous change once again with SharpBrows Light microblading. Totally new brows from the scratch.

Light microblading. This beautiful woman became even more beautiful with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Quite a change. Almost impossible to believe.

Light microblading - Incredible brow growth from a very sad situation to perfection!

Light microblading - Incredible brow growth from a very sad situation to perfection!

Light microblading - The real beauty of human face is revealed after the brows are corrected. Here is just one sample of the power of light microblading.

Old pigmentation/microblading fixed with Light microblading – There are more and more clients that already have had pigmentation or classic microblading done to their eyebrows. In those kind of situations Light microblading is an ideal solution to take the brow-game to a whole new level

Light microblading - The starting situation was quite weak – the brow was thin and oddly shaped. The end result with Light microblading looks natural and lush.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Very modest brow is turned into lush and beautiful brow with the help of light microblading technique.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Insane change! In the before picture you can see that there is absolutely no brow. After picture is the end-result!

From total zero to light microblading brow. Incredible change that had to be started from a very weak situation.

Light microblading - An example how a small pigmented brow is turned into lush and beautiful Light microblading brow.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Total change in brows fast and easy with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Magnificent change with Light microblading. The before-brow was practically non-existent. After brow is fabulous.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Excellent change in facial features and overall expression!

Light microblading. The initial brow was a bit oddly shaped and needed quite a bit of intervention. With Light microblading results are supreme.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Incredible change with microblading made in the correct manner.

SharpBrows Light microblading A sample how much the face changes with SharpBrows Light microblading technique.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Just a sample how face starts shining the new way with the light microblading technique.

SharpBrows Light microblading -. Brows created from nothing at all. The results are extremely natural.

Light microblading - A great example of how the whole face changes with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading - A perfect solution for clients at any age.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Typical Scandinavian weak and uneven brow corrected to perfection with Light microblading.

Light microblading - Just another great change with Light microblading. From zero to hero.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Amazing change with Light Microblading. Almost impossible to believe that the face changes so much.

Light microblading - Small brow turned into lush and beautiful.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Really strange pigmentation fixed flawlessly with SharpBrows Light microblading and SharpBrows Perfect Save pigments.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Amazing change with Light microblading. Correct brows change absolutely everything.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Incredible results with Light microblading technique.

Light microblading - This stylish and beautiful lady deserved better brows with SharpBrows Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading - Quite bad pigmentation case fixed completely with SharpBrows Light microblading and some Light shading.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Incredible change from a very common starting position.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Sometimes you just have to fix old and quite strange pigmentation/microblading. Light microblading is ideal for that.

SharpBrows Light microblading. An example how brows can become lusher and better with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microbalding - Just another example how Light microblading is able to change everything in face.

SharpBrows Light microblading. This is an example how face becomes considerably more expressive and naturally beautiful with Light microblading.

SharpBrows Ligt microblading. Brow created with light microblading from a quite modest starting situation.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Here's an example how creating microblading the right way really changes the overall appearance also with a bit older clients.

SharpBrows Light microblading. The initial situation was quite vague - we had to shape the brow and also add a lot of strokes.

SharpBrows Light microblaing. A fine example how brows are created from absolute zero. A woman suffering from Alopecia got new beautiful brows.

SharpBrows Light microblading. The goal of light microblading is always to achieve microblading that is totally undetectable from clients' own brow hair.

SharpBrows Light microblading - This is incredible how face actually changes when brows are fixed with light microblading.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Making microblading the right way changes the overall expression of the face totally.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Here you can see how new brow is created literally from nothing. The initial situation was very weak and thin.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Results of light microblading literally change the overall image of a human face to a large extent.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Brows created from literally nothing at all. With Light Microblading the results are still amazing.

Light microblading. Old pigmentation reshaped and covered with SharpBrows Light microblading with some soft shading added.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Old pigmentation corrected with Light microblading. Result is just amazing and natural.

Light microblading. The initial situation was not bad, however the end result looks a lot more lush and totally natural.

Light microblading. We used a but lighter pigment to achieve incredibly natural results. The change is unbelievable.

SharpBrows Light microblading. A strong and natural looking brow created from very weal circumstances.

Light microblading. Sleepy brow shaped to perfection. The overall look of the face changed totally and this already beautiful client became totally impeccable.

Light microblading.. Brow created from very weak initial situation. Unbelievable change.

SharpBrows Light Microblading. Here is an example of how a brow is created practically from scratch. The initial situation was literally very weak.

SharpBrows Light microblading. This is just another incredible change to the whole face by changing the brows.

Light microblading. Another perfect looking brow made from a very modest situation that is extremely common in Scandinavia.

SharpBrows Light Microblading. Another sample how the dace literally changes and starts to shine.

Light microblading. Here you can see how much the face truly changes after weak brows are turned into lush with SharpBrows light microblading.

SharpBrows microblading. Just unbelievable change with the Light microblading technology.

Light microblading. Brows enhanced the right way will change the overall look of the face entirely. So far the light microblading technique has produced the best results.

Light microblading. In this case brow shape was also changed drastically.

SharpBrows Light microblading. New natural brows created from literally nothing!

SharpBrows Light microblading. Shape of the brow was changed and it was filled naturally. When it comes to Light microblading the number of lines is double compared to traditional. And that is why it is so popular.

Light microblading. Classic Light microblading makes the face shine.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Initial brow was a bit "sleepy" which is very common in Scandinavia. We used Light microblading and reshaped the brows so that the end result gave eyes a little lift.

Light microblading. Very thin brow turned into lush and excellent with SharpBrows Light microblading technique.

Light microblading. Very thin brow turned into lush and excellent with SharpBrows Light microblading technique.

SharpBrows Light microblading. In Scandinavia it is very common that girls' own brows are wear and thin. With Light microblading it is still possible to achieve bold, lush and natural results

Light microblading. A huge change of everything: attractiveness, facial features, expression etc with SharpBrows Light microblading.

Light microblading. An example how a weak brow is reshaped and filled. As a result it looks natural and attractive.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Initial brow hair looked really thin and we had to fill in the brow a lot with some light microblading :)

Light microblading. We started with rather good brows. Still, the end result is the level in microblading one should aspire to be on.

Light microblading. Another . total change. Here we can see how just beautiful brows can change the overall face expression totally.

Light microblading does not only change the shape and texture of brows. It changes the whole face and clients become literally even prettier than they were before.

Light microblading. Old and rather unsuccessful pigmentation fixed with absolutely natural looking light microblading.

Light microblading. Quite often the client says after the procedure that she feels herself many years younger. Here's an example how brow shape is changed and it's filled naturally with SharpBrows Light Microblading.

Light Microblading. A fine example once again, where a very thin naturally weak brow has been turned into attractive natural-looking strong brow.

This after picture makes it very hard to believe that before the procedure the client had almost no brow hair in the beginning, back-section and the end of the brow. Also some shading was used.

Light microblading. Here is an example of how an already attractive face can be turned even more beautiful with SharpBrows Light microblading.

Light microblading. Here is a fine example of how correcting brow shape and filling it naturally really enables the client in addition to looking prettier, also to look considerably younger.

A beautiful sample how a hole in a brow is filled flawlessly with light microblading. Also the shape is changed and to match SharpBrows brow shape.

SharpBrows Light microblading. The results of microblading have never been better :)

Just a sample of what Light Microblading can do. In this sample everything is changed - the shape of the brow, the colour and of course, the overall expression of the face.

Light microblading enables to make weak brows considerably thicker whilst maintaining natural look.

Light microblading. Even the customer herself was really surprised with the results. SharpBrows Light microblading changes the overall expression of the face completely.

The change with Light Microblading and Precision Strokes are incredible! As a part of the treatment the excess brow hair is threaded and tweezed off. All lines are approximately 2,5 times thinner than with ordinary microblading.

Light microblading. Here's just on sample of how a pretty bad pigmentation was fixed with light microblading and some shading.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Quite a challenging starting situation - we had to fix an old pigmentation.

SharpBrows Light microblading. The true level of artistic ability of a microblading practitioner is always seen in close-up unmodified high quality brow pictures. In such pictures artistic intent as well as implementation is seen clearly. We believe that every pair of brows is a piece of art and the only thing taken lightly should be strokes :)

Here you can see Light microblading effect from a typical distance and close-up of the same brow. The result looks very thick and well filled, close-up shows the exact strategy behind it.

In this picture here you can see the technique behind the brow perfection. The stokes are extremely thin, sharp and precise. Using the new Light microblaing it is possible to take brow precision to the next level.

Precision Strokes. A fine example of how brows made with Light Microblading and in Precision Strokes technique. The overall facial expression changes totally. In the upper picture you can see a close-up of the same brows.

Light microblading on top of old pigmentation. The change is complete and total. More and more clients choose Light microblading with some shading over old pigmentation.

Correctly made SharpBrows Light microblading does not only bring out and brighten the eyes, it changes the overall appearance of the face. Clients say that they have lost tens of years when it comes toi the age they look like.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Here is a fine example of how correctly done microblading makes the client look considerably younger.

With the correct Light Microblading facial features of the client are changed completely. In this picture you can see incredible transformation that allows the eyes to dominate the face again and boost client's self-esteem greatly.

With correctly done Sharpbrows Light microblading the results will change the overall appearance of the face entirely. Quite often the client also looks and feels considerably younger.

Light microblading. Sample of how old pigmentation is elegantly corrected using microblading.

Here's a fine sample of how SharpBrows Light microblading can change the whole appearance of a human face. Brow shape is modified and filled in the correct way.


Healed Results

In addition to being much more natural-looking and refined, brows made with Light microblading also last longer! The reason for that is simple: applying the pigment into the skin over the course of a higher number of phases, larger amount of pigment molecules will reach the desired layer of skin (basal membrane).  

Light microblading and Precision Strokes ⓒ technique allows to achieve results where strokes are undetectable from real hair. That is the gold-standard of nowadays modern microblading and represents what should be the ultimate goal of every artist. In many cases both brows are modified separately completely based on natural human hair growth using the SharpBrows Master Portfolio stoke-pattern selection. The results are so natural that often even professionals can not detect that microblading has been done to the client no matter the distance from which the result is examined.

SharpBrows Light microblading. Many have asked what does Light microblading look like when it heals. Here is a concrete example of the healing process, taken before the retouch. Lines are a little bit lighter, still sharp and thin, the pattern has not spread at all and most importantly - brows look very natural!

SharpBrows Light microblading. Healed result looks flawless before the retouch. Brows look natural and that is the most important goal!

SharpBrows Light microblading. What's the most important thing when it comes to microblading? Obviously, the healed results. With light microblading the healed results amaze even experienced professionals.

SharpBrows Light microblading - A close up of a healed brows made with the Light microblading technique.


Students' work

Students' work- A fine example how brows look like with makeup, without makeup and with light microblading. Made by a SharpBrows student after the class.

Students' work. Challenging pigmentation fixed by a student at a SharpBrows class.

Studenbts' work. Another sample of students' work made at a SharpBrows Light microblaing class.

Light microblading. Brows with makeup. Natural. Light microblading.

Studdent of Siiri Tabri - Brows made just within 1 week after the Artist 3.0 - Light microblading training.



Master Portfolio - Endless pattern versions that can be combined to always achieve the right pattern for each client. 
In the newest version of Artist 3.0 program there are no ready-made brow patterns anymore. Each pattern is combined of different sections and for each section there is a large variety of patterns. In a nutshell it means that the artist just makes a decision which beginning, which transfer, which upper-lines, lower-lines etc to use and get exact fully tested and developed pattern parts from SharpBrows pattern portfolio. Thus the Master Portfolio gives the artist the following:

- Different modifications of brow shape (hight of the end-point differences, connective lines differences etc).
- Different patterns for all parts of the brow.
- More than 20 brow beginning versions. 
- New and extremely natural transitions. 
- Lower-lines combinations depending on brow thickness. 
- New selection of upper-lines combinations. 

Students are still thought the basis of brow-pattern. However, in a short time they already start practicing the different versions thus creating their own new patterns. 

SharpBrows Master Portfolio contains tens of ready to use stroke combinations that allow to achieve absolutely natural brows. The Master Portfolio is put into use immediately when you start making the pattern. First you can select the correct backbone which determines the size and shape of the parts of the brow. For each part of the brow there are ready-to-use precision stroke combinations with the correct line making order, size and direction. The results guarantee you flawless result that looks absolutely life-like.

Light Microblading with Precision stroking using Master Portfolio. Here in this picture you can clearly see how parts of the brow pattern have been replaced by line combinations from Master Portfolio. This means that absolutely natural look can be de-constructed. Once you notice the initial brow pattern you will then be able to make the right choices and achieve incredible results.



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